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I know that you are going to get a lot of value out of this eBook and I want to see you to take action and improve your style.

I would like to offer you my challenge - it is a simple course designed to transform your style by making small steps each day for the next 30 days.

If you are tired of getting nowhere with your efforts and want a specific step-by-step roadmap that would take your image to the next level, this course is just what you need.

I am giving you this first challenge because I want you to commit to taking real action.

You will learn the foundations of style and will be guided daily over the course of a month for the total cost of $96.

And yes, there are no additional add-ons or anything like that. All you would pay is $96.

I want to see you succeed by taking action and having the right guidance all the way to the end.

So, what your excuse?

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Improve Your Confidence and Professional Presentation In 30 Days Via This Simple Course
Imagine a step-by-step guide that transforms your entire image and improves your daily habits so that you find it easier to dress sharp, control your image and set the tone with your colleagues, boss and even women around you.
Are you hiding from life?

Do you feel insecure?

Do you feel discouraged by people around you?

There is simply too much information.

Too many "gurus".

Too much to learn...

You have no idea where to start or who to ask.
You know you could be further along with your goals and plans by this point.
You want to get more out of life and be taken more seriously, but for some reason you haven’t tapped your full potential.

Something is always holding you back...

Perhaps, you already started to really apply yourself and have already realized that part of it was due to the way other people perceive you.
If you are like me few years back, your dress habits have basically not changed since high school.

So, people view you not much differently than a high school kid.

Or maybe you became lazy and sloppy with your appearance and didn’t want to talk to anybody or see anyone since you became encapsulated in your shell.

You no longer find it enjoyable to be around other people.

I know - that is tough... and you are missing out a lot.

Perhaps, you are a victim for wearing your clothing a size too big... 

But you feel that is because you are insecure in your own appearance and don’t really know what looks good on you.

Perhaps, you don’t feel confident about your image and the way women see you.

How is it possible that other men are not afraid to walk up to an attractive woman, joke around with her and ask for her phone number on the spot?

They are born natural and you aren’t, right?

At least that’s what we like telling ourselves when we see a situation like this.
But what does your appearance say about you?

Over the years you kept repeating to yourself that your outward appearance doesn’t necessarily mean anything but you wanted to be the best man you could be, inside AND out.

You just didn’t know how…

You want to look like a man and be treated as such but you have neglected your image for years to the point you now feel lost.
I get that.

Picking your clothes is annoying and you have no idea what to buy and what looks good on you.

You always had to figure things out on your own.

That’s especially true if you grew up without a father figure around and didn’t have anyone to look up to so you likely copied your friends and dressed like they did.

As a man and someday a father, you just want to look professional in your line of work and set an example for your children.

You may be looking at this and thinking "What does style have to do with this?"

Well, give me 30 seconds to illustrate.

Imagine your son comes down with a fever.

You have no idea why.

So naturally what do you do?

Call the doctor, right?

You make an appointment as soon as possible.

You take him in, sit for 30 minutes in the waiting room, finally get in and get his vitals checked.

More waiting....

Then finally the door opens once more.
The person walks in wearing a T-shirt and says “what seems to be the problem today?”.

Would you say “Thank goodness you’re here doctor” or would you say “umm...where is the doctor?

Or to put it in a different way - "Who the heck is this guy?"

Probably the latter right?

Because he betrayed your expectations by not presenting himself as the person he claims to be.

After all, when was the last time you saw a doctor wearing a t-shirt instead of a medical white coat?

Strange how our outer appearance matters to outsiders, right?

Guess what?

You are being subject to the opinion of others every single day.

So, what can you do about improving your style image quickly, effectively and without breaking the bank buying expensive trendy clothes?
The 30-Day Style Challenge
Your step-by-step roadmap to take your image to a new level
You have no idea about style and you neglect your appearance
Understanding what you need to look the part and what was holding your old self back
You are insecure about your personal presentation
Leveraging your situation and heritage to complement your unique style image 
Your habits make you sloppy and disorganized
Establishing manly routines to keep yourself prepared for any opportunity
You wear the same old clothes ever since you were in college
Doing a complete wardrobe renewal keeping the good & ditching the bad items
You have no plan or idea how to improve your appearance
Applying an action-based roadmap to establish your personal style and create your image
You don't know what your goals should be and how to achieve them
Setting measurable goals to keep on track and drastically improving of your quality of life
Say Goodbye To Your Insecure Appearance And Hello To Your New Confidence From Dressing Sharp
I have designed the world’s most comprehensive style roadmap.

This simple tool will guide you to make small incremental changes on a daily basis
that will compound by the end of the program.

Here's what you can expect to find:
  •      A simple, effective, straight to the point style checklist
  •     You can accomplish each daily task in an hour or less
  •     No high level “advice” like “you have to care more”
  •     No articles like “7 weird tricks to make you look slimmer”
  •     By day 30 you will be a sharp dressed man
  •     You’ll feel and act like the man you know yourself to be
Imagine if there was a course that laid out the steps to transform your life through style?
A course that has the exact steps broken out day-by-day into small bite size tasks.
  •     Simple steps that you can accomplish in less than 30 minutes per day
  •     Focused only on the essential information that is guaranteed to give you the best results
  •     Gives you practical and obtainable goals 
This course will transform your life and the way you dress for the rest of your life.

You will quickly start seeing the results of dressing better than 95% of men around you.

It doesn't matter what you do in life - if you want to be noticed and get better opportunities, you need to stand out from the crowd and make a positive impression.
Style is just as relevant to the construction worker as it is to the architect of the building.

The way you dress and present yourself speaks about what type of person you are and determines whether you are a good fit for the job.

It's also NOT about material clothes.

It's NOT about having an expensive "fashionable" wardrobe. 


I know, I know.

I created a “style” course and it’s not about the clothes?

That’s correct.

So what is style about?

It’s about presenting yourself in a manner that earns respect.

It’s a simple formula…
like the man in charge
the man in charge
Now my outward appearance truly mirrors my inner man. Since I began to make these changes, I have become a lead consultant to a multimillion dollar Napa winery and I am acting as the COO of a new technology company. Dressing well game me the confidence to put myself out there, and the credibility to be given a change to prove myself. Not to mention... it's a lot easier to get dates!
Matt Wolcott
This Is Made For Men Who Are Serious About Changing Their Life
Is that you? 

How would you like to see the man in the mirror?

Smiling? Happy? Confident?

Are you ready for the new and improved you?
Then this style roadmap is for you!

Like it or not, the way you present yourself to the world matters.


Not always.

But your presentation simultaneously affects the way you think about yourself as well.
Here’s the problem.

The internet is full of style “goo-roos” who recycle the same BS that every “fashion” blog has been saying for years.

      “All men should own one well fitted suit
      “Navy is one of the most versatile colors
      “Black is slimming

Gee, thanks Sherlock Holmes!

The problem is that none of this really inspires you to take action.

To actually become a better man you need to take action!

Where's the benefit of reading yet another empty article full of watered down advice? 

You can find such information from any of the top 5 style articles in a quick google search.

What if there was finally a course that didn’t make empty promises?

This course has already sifted through the dirt of menswear and dug up exactly what you need to do.

This is the real deal. Right here, right now.
"Looking sharp not only makes you feel more social and comfortable but also the person feels more compelled when talking to you which is the highest form of respect! I love the fact that anyone can change their lives and entire outlook. You just need to be doing something one day at a time and step by step you will reach your goals.
Louis Luzuka
Why Style Is Your Gateway To Success
It is up to you to take the driver's seat and choose the road to success

Your unique style is a powerful catalyst that will get you there. 
  •     You will become confident and feel powerful.
  •     You will be perceived as a leader.
  •     People will look for your advice and guidance. 
  •     Women will suddenly come talk to you.
  •     You will be given unique opportunities to grow.
  •     You will be on the road to earning more money.
It's time to burn the ships and drive forward!

There won't be a better opportunity to start than today.
I now value quality in many areas - eating, dressing, communication, thinking, and etiquette. Your lessons have made incredible influences on how my lecturers judge, I have played golf and had coffee with many of them! When you dress sharp people always assume that they can learn something mysterious about you and trust me that's what counts!
How Is This Course Broken Out?
Days 1-7 = Knowledge & Discovery
  •     Commit to taking small steps each of the 30 days
  •     Why do you want to improve the way you present yourself to the world? 
  •     Your heritage and cultural background 
  •     Your body type and measurements
  •     Dressing your age
  •     Defining your own professional and personal needs
  •     Identify what your habits are and how they affect you in your daily life
  •     Discover how to spend money without wasting it
Days 8-15 = Out with the old, prepare for the new
  •      It’s time to clean out your closet (mentally & physically)
  •      Learn what clothes should remain in your wardrobe
  •      Focus on the essential items first (list provided) 
  •      Putting in 20% of the effort to generate 80% of the results
  •      Discover how your clothing affects behavior
  •      Essential rules on spending money
  •      Learning from feedback and external advice
Days 16-25 = Practice & Apply
  •      The essential clothes you need in your wardrobe
  •      Focus on your shoes
  •      Getting the right fit every time
  •      Manly manners and behaviour
  •      Important grooming routines
  •      Your body language and what it signals
  •      Visiting your tailor
  •     A man's guide on colors, patters and how to combine them
Days 25-30 = Look Ahead
  •      Setting practical and attainable long-term goals
  •      Building enduring relationships
  •      Developing a successful leader mentality
  •      How to appear honest and trustworthy 
  •     Overcoming challenges on the road to success
  •     Controlling your emotional responses 
  •     Learning when to change and how to adapt 
  •     Joining and learning more from other men
I realized the importance of dress after returning a watch. Going to the store, I wasn't filthy, but I was dressed for outside work. The young lady behind the counter refused to assist me. She stated that I needed to have a receipt and a better reason for the return. That following weekend I was going to a job interview up the street from the store. This time I was wearing a shirt, tie, and suit jacket - I looked "professional". I walked up to the same girl at the same counter and explained my situation. She immediately filled out the paperwork and apologized for the inconvenience (all without a receipt). It was blatantly obvious that she did not recognize me from before. She returned the watch and let me upgrade to a much more expensive watch. My appearance made all the difference.
Joshua Tilley
Why Is This Course Worth Your Hard Earned Money?
Let me be conservative here and say your time is worth $10/per hour (but honestly you should value your time at least $100/per hour).

How much money are you going to waste buying:

... one bad pair of shoes that you won't be able to return after a few wears?

... one poor quality suit that would collect dust in your wardrobe after couple of wears?

How much would that alone cost you?

That could cost you $300, $500 or even $1,000 if you end up getting useless stuff like that.

If you saved just 10 hours in the next 30 days knowing what to buy and what to avoid, you made at least $100+ in savings.

But the best part is that this knowledge will serve you for the rest of your life.

And by the way, you will have lifetime access to this program so you can come and remind yourself of specific details anytime.

So what is all this worth to you?

$100, $200… $500?

I want to get this course in front of guys who are ready to take action and I don’t want the cost to stop them.

That’s why I am giving you the chance to buy this product today for only $96.

Yes, now is your chance to take action!

PS. This price is likely to increase soon.
During the two days of prep to head to the capital to talk with legislatures I wore suits to our workshops. Not always full, but slacks and button up with suspenders or a vest. So many people came up to me to compliment my clothing choice, as well as the keynote speakers. Despite my wear, I still was able to connect with multiple age ranges at the conference. If I got nothing else from that conference, I certainly got respect, and gave just as much.
Darnell M. Johnson
Frequently Asked Questions
Why A 30-Day Jump-Start Course?
This course could have easily been spread over three months or just a week but we found that the best results that you are going to get come if you take a small step every day. 

It is up to you how to approach it and go through it.

If you want to take it in a week and you want to make changes quicker, then go for it.

But you need to commit and make a step with each lesson.

This is the way to go forward.
Would I still have access after the 30 days?
Yes, this is a one-time purchase. 

After you purchase this course you will have the ability to start it again if you would like so or view the whole roadmap.

You will receive an eBook containing all 30 lessons after finishing the 30 Day Style Challenge
What if I am not ready to buy now?
Then you should probably not buy at all. 

This course is about taking action from Day 1.

If you are not ready to buy today, then you are not likely to do this tomorrow either.

The same applies to your style.

Putting things off to the future is not going to help you and you are not going to get the benefit of this program.

Men who want change take action.
What do actual students say about your products?
All testimonials on this page are from real guys that have taken my courses.

You can see much more testimonials like these at
How do I buy?

Just click the button below and it will take you to the order form page.
What happens after I purchase?
You will receive an automatic email confirming your registration.
For the next 30 Days we will guide you through your journey with specific daily emails that will provide you will examples and more guidelines that I only share with my students. 
Is this the only course I will ever need to take?
This is a jump-start course made for the beginner who is ready to take 30 simple steps in 30 days to get ahead of 95% of men. 

It is meant to get you results quick by providing you specific steps you can take immediately without any prior knowledge.

Mastering your style would require an investment of your time and in your knowledge.

If I were you, I would consider grabbing one of the premium products, which this program is part of - A Man's Guide To Style or The Personal Image Blueprint

These products have a lot more detailed information and would include a supportive community where you get your specific questions answered and receive feedback from advanced members.