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1. Why Style Is Your Gateway to Success
2. How The Course is Broken Down for You.
3. Frequently Asked Questions about the 30 Day Challenge. 

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Why Style Is Your Gateway To Success
It is up to you to take the driver's seat and choose the road to success

Your unique style is a powerful catalyst that will get you there. 
  •     You will become confident and feel powerful.
  •     You will be perceived as a leader.
  •     People will look for your advice and guidance. 
  •     Women will suddenly come talk to you.
  •     You will be given unique opportunities to grow.
  •     You will be on the road to earning more money.

There won't be a better opportunity to start than today.
How is the 30-Day Challenge Broken Down For You?
Days 1-7 = Knowledge & Discovery
  •     Commit to taking small steps each of the 30 days
  •     Why do you want to improve the way you present yourself to the world? 
  •     Your heritage and cultural background 
  •     Your body type and measurements
  •     Dressing your age
  •     Defining your own professional and personal needs
  •     Identify what your habits are and how they affect you in your daily life
  •     Discover how to spend money without wasting it
Days 8-15 = Out with the old, prepare for the new
  •      It’s time to clean out your closet (mentally & physically)
  •      Learn what clothes should remain in your wardrobe
  •      Focus on the essential items first (list provided) 
  •      Putting in 20% of the effort to generate 80% of the results
  •      Discover how your clothing affects behavior
  •      Essential rules on spending money
  •      Learning from feedback and external advice
Days 16-25 = Practice & Apply
  •      The essential clothes you need in your wardrobe
  •      Focus on your shoes
  •      Getting the right fit every time
  •      Manly manners and behaviour
  •      Important grooming routines
  •      Your body language and what it signals
  •      Visiting your tailor
  •     A man's guide on colors, patters and how to combine them
Days 25-30 = Look Ahead
  •      Setting practical and attainable long-term goals
  •      Building enduring relationships
  •      Developing a successful leader mentality
  •      How to appear honest and trustworthy 
  •     Overcoming challenges on the road to success
  •     Controlling your emotional responses 
  •     Learning when to change and how to adapt 
  •     Joining and learning more from other men
Frequently Asked Questions
Why A 30-Day Jump-Start Course?
This course could have easily been spread over three months or just a week but we found that the best results that you are going to get come if you take a small step every day. 

It is up to you how to approach it and go through it.

If you want to take it in a week and you want to make changes quicker, then go for it.

But you need to commit and make a step with each lesson.

This is the way to go forward.
Will I still have access after the 30 days?
Yes, this is a one-time purchase. 

After you purchase this course you will have the ability to start it again if you would like so or view the whole roadmap.

You will receive an eBook containing all 30 lessons after finishing the 30 Day Style Challenge
What if I am not ready to buy now?
Then you should probably not buy at all. 

This course is about taking action from Day 1.

If you are not ready to buy today, then you are not likely to do this tomorrow either.

The same applies to your style.

Putting things off to the future is not going to help you and you are not going to get the benefit of this program.

Men who want change take action.
What do actual students say about your products?
All testimonials on this page are from real guys that have taken my courses.

You can see much more testimonials like these at
How do I buy?

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What happens after I purchase?
You will receive an automatic email confirming your registration.

For the next 30 Days we will guide you through your journey with specific daily emails that will provide you will examples and more guidelines that I only share with my students.  
Is this the only style course I will ever need to take?
This is a jump-start course made for the beginner who is ready to take 30 simple steps in 30 days to get ahead of 95% of men. 

It is meant to get you results quick by providing you specific steps you can take immediately without any prior knowledge.

Mastering your style would require an investment of your time and in your knowledge.

If I were you, I would consider grabbing one of the premium products, which this program is part of - A Man's Guide To Style or The Personal Image Blueprint

These products have a lot more detailed information and would include a supportive community where you get your specific questions answered and receive feedback from advanced members.